TLC Healing Touch
Help for today - Hope for tomorrow

About the Practitioner

Laurie Campbell, LMT, CMT, DN, CNHP

I have had  an "eclectic" training history !  Mostly, I schooled with Sister Rosalind in her St Paul campus .  I also attended Touch of Life, CNHP intense training in Illinois, Thorp Institute training for Microcurrent Insturment operation;  have taken several weekend courses for specific issues like Psoas, Periformis, Neck and back injury,  as well as how to bill Auto Insurance for therapies.

I also took correspondence school for Doctor of Naturopathy from Trinity College of Natural Heallth.

I believe that it IS possible to achieve better health WITHOUT DRUGS OR SURGERY !  In the past 20 years, I have heard so many stories of people who have surgery only to suffer for years after...OR they are on medications which are harmful to their bodies but they continue to take them in HOPES they will somehow get better ?!

Massage is a great stress reliever and very beneficial on several levels.

Micro current, however,  HELPS YOUR BODY HEAL FROM THE INSIDE OUT WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS !   It's wonderfully powerful yet gentle- kind of like water  !  You don't FEEL it giving your body life- but it IS.

I am here to offer HOPE and HELP when it seems like there are no options.


On a personal level:  I am married to my first husband :)  and plan to continue that relationship for MANY more years !  We have 3 adult sons who now have begun families of their own - which has caused me to take on the name "grandma"  &  I love it wink