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Microcurrent Therapy


Glad you asked !

Micro-current therapy, as the name indicates, uses infinitely small (1/millionth - 1/trillionth of one amp) electrical current to address multiple issues in the body. As the basic unit of life  is the cell, it is the cell that this therapy addresses. 

There is a 90% effective rate with Microcurrent therapy for those who follow the program outlined per their particular issue.

What can it help with ?  Whether your issue is muscular, nerve, organ, bone- because the machines detect cell abnormalities, it really doesn't matter where or what its called - as the cells become healthy, the body can heal itself.  I've successfully  treated disc problems, torn ligaments, female issues, headaches, anxiety and insomnia, sciatic nerve pain, joint pain to name a few.

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves...however, there are times when the task is too great and such a long process that we need some outside help .  Rather then address from the outside -in; this therapy starts by helping heal on the inside yet is non-invasive !  It helps the body heal 500% faster than normal by increasing production of ATP.


Contact is made between the computerized equipment and the body with probes on the skin. Through this feedback, the computer determines what is needed to bring healing the the cells and thereby healing to the whole.


It is a VERY exciting therapy to be able to offer people who want to avoid drugs and surgery.   If you desire :  natural healing, to avoid surgery, no side effects from drugs, accelerated healing ( up to 500X's faster than without ),  healing from the inside-out, freedom from pain...give micro current therapy a try.  

Initial consultation and sample treatment are FREE.