TLC Healing Touch
Help for today - Hope for tomorrow



Mary M:   I lived with abdominal pain every day for 24 years from Endometriosis !  I also had numbness and tingling on one side of my body as well as back pain.  I took pain medications just to dull the pain but was never totally free.   UNTIL I saw Laurie for MICRO CURRENT THERAPY.  Now,  my abdominal pain is gone,  I get home from work and have NO back pain.  I recommend this to anyone seeking healing.  It has now been 3 years of living a pain free life!!!


Royce:   I was in town for 1 week visiting relatives and had 4 sessions of  Micro Current.  I was diagnosed with Parkinson's over 1 year ago.  After those 4 visits,I had reduction of the numbness in my feet, increased movement in my toes and better circulation (feet were less cold).


Sandy :   I was in a car accident and had back pain for 10years .  I tried massage, Chiropractic, physical therapy and of course medications BUT  still had pain.  MICROCURRENT finally REALLY reduced my pain and inflammation.   Now , I can take care of my grandkids !


Pam H:  Dec 31, 2014 my back "went out".  I spent 8 months seeing Chiropractors, MD's and doing physical therapy.  I'd get a bit of relief but it didn't last.  Many days , just functioning in my daily work as a teacher, I was barely getting by.  ONLY  microcurrent therapy with Laurie gave me lasting relief.  I have now been able to return to full, normal activity and stop running to Doctors every week.  I can exercise like I used to and not have to fear the pain returning.  I wish I had met Laurie and done micro current sooner!


Judy F:  I had several issues :  head pain, hip pain, difficulty sleeping.  Laurie addressed each of these areas and after only 5 treatments;  I'm sleeping through the night and have NO MORE PAIN !    The treatments are painless and easy to have too !

Laurie:  I dropped a box on the top of my foot while moving.  4 months later, it was hurting every day and I couldn't wear my shoes normally for the whole day but had to undo the width due to swelling.  After 2 visits with Laurie doing Micro current :  NO MORE PAIN !  It's awesome to not be "gimping" at work any more.  I'm amazed that something so simple had such great results!